Being part of the teamwork at a wedding is an amazing task. As a tradition, wedding party members all have very different functions to assist with the exciting occasion. Whether they are relatives or friends everybody wants the best for the event, and make life easier on the bride and groom. That is exactly what we do for you every time you bring our music to your party.


The entertainment responsibility is a big commitment and we take it with the love we feel for the music and the respect for you and your guests. Nonetheless, the experience acquired through more than 20 years entitle us to take this labor always unique and special as your most important day. 

We would like to help you with others traditional roles so we will share with you a  wedding party responsibility guidelines and you can get a grip on who does what. Only send us an email asking for it. You will be able to customize this list to meet the specials needs for your wedding party.



Alvarado Entertainment enjoyed the honor on playing and singing from 10:30 pm up to the next year which was coming. He led the countdown at the time the important group of Florida´s entrepreneur and their families hugs each others wishing the happy new year ... And who knows if any Major League! 

Alvarado tuvo el honor de recibir este año nuevo 2017 animando con su repertorio latino desde las 10:30 pm hasta el emocionante momento de la cuenta regresiva. Y justo a las doce interpretó una de las más tradicionales y alegres canciones de feliz año,  dándole así las gracias al importante público formado por empresarios de la Florida con sus hermosas familias ... Y quien puede decir que hasta un Grande Liga !  



It has been so many years of experience. This picture was taken at a private show in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Alvarado was only 19 and he was already a keyboard player for an artist with a very known Rumba Flamenca. They shared the stage with Wilfrido Vargas, Las Sardinas de Naiguatá ( from Venezuela ), Guillermo Dávila and the Queen Mrs. Celia Cruz. She gave us an amazing concert while her husband was in charge of the Wilfrido orchestra; the people really got immersed in that great show.¨Those days we use to play live music at tv shows,¨Alvarado said. ¨I am talking about not using playback. We keep our bet on it as a professional and that is the way in which we get connected with the guests.¨

Son muchos años de experiencia con los que contamos.  Esta foto fue tomada en el backstage de un show privado en La Romana, República Dominicana. A los 19 años Alvarado  era el tecladista de un recordado artista con su rumba flamenca y compartían la tarima con Wilfrido Vargas, Las Sardinas de Naiguatá (Venezuela), El valet de Venevisión, Guillermo Dávila y cómo si fuera poco, La Señora Celia Cruz dio un inigualable concierto mientras su esposo dirigía la orquesta de Wilfrido y los invitados no paraban de maravillarse. ¨En esa época tocábamos en vivo los shows de televisión,¨dijo Alvarado.¨Costumbre profesional por la que seguimos apostando y con la cual se logra la verdadera conexión con el público.¨